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Drug Crimes

Kahn, Gigliotti & Associates, The Leading New Jersey Drug Defense Lawyers

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a drug crime in New Jersey, you will not find a more powerful advocate than our drug defense team. We have the experience, resources and know-how to aggressively defend our clients against even the most serious drug charges.

Our firm is at the forefront of Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues. By appealing and winning search and seizure cases before the Appellate Division and New Jersey Supreme Court, we’ve established important case law in this area. We are trained to challenge every piece of evidence in your drug arrest to ensure the protection of your legal rights.

We have successfully defended thousands of narcotics cases. Having handled every type of drug case imaginable, we are well prepared to build the most solid defense whether you face simple possession charges or large-scale drug trafficking and distribution.

With penalties ranging from hefty fines to life in prison, don’t underestimate the urgency of your situation. Hire a Camden criminal lawyer at Kahn, Gigliotti & Associates as soon as possible if you’ve been charged with any type of drug offense in New Jersey.

When our team of NJ defense lawyers analyzes your case, we will examine every angle and detail, including the probable cause for your arrest, whether or not the search was legal, whether the warrant requirements were satisfied, chain of custody issues regarding the seizure and testing of the drugs and any other Constitutional issues.

Kahn, Gigliotti & Associates has an enormous amount of experience handling possession with intent to distribute drug cases. We have handled thousands of these cases throughout Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County and Mercer County. We have fought and won legal battles in court over chain of custody evidence issues and state police laboratory drug testing issues. Most importantly, our firm has focused its practice on knowledgeable and aggressive representation regarding search and seizure and all other Fourth Amendment Constitutional issues.

Our drug crime defense lawyers are directly responsible for the most significant change in New Jersey Supreme Court law regarding the legalities concerning the search and seizure in automobile cases. As such, we have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience with these issues, and we are well-prepared to aggressively defend you. Kahn, Gigliotti & Associates will not hesitate to file a suppression motion on your behalf to challenge the legality of your search and seek a dismissal of the charges against you.


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