Fearless In Our Representation.

Fearless In Our Representation.

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Charged With A Nonviolent Crime In South Jersey?

You didn’t attack anyone. You’re no menace to society who needs to be locked away from the public. Yet here you are, facing potential jail time and possibly being labeled as a “convicted felon” or “sex offender.”

If you are accused of a nonviolent crime, Gigliotti Law Group will fight to clear your name or spare you from the harsh consequences. Our South Jersey criminal defense attorneys have a proven track record of dismissals, acquittals, reduced charges and other favorable outcomes.

Ex-Prosecutors Defending Against Nonviolent Offenses

As longtime defense lawyers with previous experience as prosecutors, we have handled the full range of nonviolent criminal matters, including:

Our firm also handles related criminal matters such as Megan’s Law violations (failing to register as a sex offender) and represents clients at weapon forfeiture hearings stemming from domestic violence allegations.

Nonviolent Crimes Still Demand A Serious Defense

A nonviolent crime is not necessarily a victimless crime. The prosecutor will try to prove that you harmed an individual or that you have committed a crime against “The People” of New Jersey. Our job is to create doubt that you committed the alleged offense, that there was any victim or that you had any malicious or criminal intent. We also assert your constitutional defenses against illegal search and seizure by law enforcement.

Our proactive approach, background as prosecutors and good standing in the local courts is your advantage. We consistently position clients for favorable negotiations while preparing to defend them at trial when necessary. In or out of court, we get results.

Accused Of A Crime? We Bite Back.®

The team at Gigliotti Law Group stands ready to defend you against any charges. Call our Cherry Hill offices at 844-742-7591 to schedule your free consultation, or contact us online. We practice in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Mercer counties and throughout all of New Jersey.