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Fearless In Our Representation.

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Cherry Hill Arson Lawyer

Arson is the deliberate setting on fire of a building, vehicle, vessel or area of land. Arson is a nonviolent crime of the second degree and is referred to as “aggravated arson” if the actor knowingly places another person in danger of death or bodily injury, or if the actor’s intention is to collect insurance monies, recklessly places any person in danger of death or bodily injury. Aggravated arson, being a second-degree crime, carries a penalty of between five and 10 years in prison.

Arson is a third-degree crime if the actor “recklessly” rather than “knowingly” places another person in danger of death or bodily injury. Third-degree arson carries a penalty of up to five years in prison. The significant distinction between “knowingly” and “recklessly” is one of legal intent. Our team of attorneys has the skill and experience necessary to challenge the prosecution’s allegations of intent.

The Cherry Hill arson defense lawyers at Gigliotti Law Group have vast experience in defending clients against arson charges related to vandalism and insurance fraud and have the skill to construct winning legal defenses. Our comprehensive investigation of all the state’s evidence will include a forensic review by fire causation experts to challenge the prosecution’s assertions of intent and the reliability of its determination concerning the cause and origin of the fire.

Many people are charged with arson in relation to insurance fraud. The fires involved in insurance fraud cases could involve a home, business, automobile, boat or another structure or vessel covered by insurance. If you have been charged with insurance fraud related to arson or believe you may be a suspect in such an offense, call us immediately. Time is of the essence in arson cases, as it is important to examine the state’s evidence as soon as possible and conduct a forensic analysis aimed at challenging intent, causation and origin before the evidence becomes spoiled or tainted by the state’s investigatory procedures.

Most importantly, our team has the vast experience needed to effectively and correctly evaluate your options. Whether the resolution of your case should be, a trial or a plea agreement, be assured that it is a decision that will be made intelligently and mutually.