Fearless In Our Representation.

Fearless In Our Representation.

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Cherry Hill Assault By Auto Lawyer

New Jersey has adopted a specific law to govern an act of assault involving automobiles called “assault by auto.” This is a serious offense and is most often charged as a felony. The exact violent crime charges depend on the nature and extent of the victim’s injuries, whether the driving was performed in a reckless manner, and whether or not it is alleged that you consumed alcohol while driving.

These charges can result in significant New Jersey state prison sentences. If you are charged with assault by auto, you will need an experienced, aggressive Cherry Hill assault lawyer. Our experienced Cherry Hill assault by auto defense lawyers have a proven track record of handling these cases to successful resolutions.

If you are charged with assault by auto, it is important that you retain Gigliotti Law Group immediately, so that we can begin our aggressive defense as soon as possible.

Most importantly, our lawyers have the vast experience needed to effectively and correctly evaluate your options. Whether the resolution of your case should be a trial or a plea agreement, be assured that it is a decision which will be made intelligently and mutually.

Gigliotti Law Group Successfully Represents Clients Charged With Assault By Auto

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